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Looking for something educational AND fun to do this summer? Try our summer package of 4 30-minute music lessons! Unlike our normal lesson subscription, you're not locked into a strict weekly schedule. You get to decide with your teacher when your 4 lessons will occur. This way, you can schedule around busy summer camps and family vacations, whenever works best for you!


We have limited availability, so this amazing deal is capped at 2 packs per student. Be sure to sign up quick before spots fill up!


*See Policies, Consents, and Agreements for full disclosures. By purchasing, you are indicating that you have read and agree to all Policies, Consents, and Agreements.

Flex-schedule Music Lessons 4-Pack

  • PlainSong Music Services Policies, Consent, and Agreements

    The goal of PlainSong Music Services is to provide high quality activities so that individuals receiving services can perform to their maximum ability. PlainSong promises to promote personal growth for  individuals through goal-oriented activities. PlainSong will work with individuals to determine goals and  appropriate means to reach said goals.  

    As a part of learning, consistency is vital to growth. PlainSong requires communication between individual and teacher for scheduling lessons, as well as canceling lessons. PlainSong requires 24-hour notice of a cancellation of a lesson. As part of the summer lesson packs, cancellations will not be rescheduled and missed lessons are forfeited by the consumer.  Students and families will agree to a four session schedule with their teacher prior to starting lessons.  

    Payment is required to perform services. If payment is not received at the time of a lesson, the teacher reserves the right to suspend services until payment is made.

    By completing this order, you are purchasing a package of four 30-minute starter lessons. You understand that if you miss a lesson, you forfeit your payment for the lesson. Missed lessons are NOT credited to accounts. 

    The four-lesson package is $100 for four 30-minute lessons. This package is limited to 2 per student. After 8 lessons, students must subscribe to the traditional ongoing lesson package of $85/month with a strict weekly schedule and additional cancellation/makeup policies. 

    By signing up for lessons, you are agreeing to the terms listed above and provide consent for video, audio, and images taken by PlainSong to be used for marketing and advertising purposes.  If you prefer not to consent to this audio/visual clause, a written document must be provided stating you and/or your child's name and the request to not be recorded.

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