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What is hospice music therapy?

Music therapy in hospice and palliative care is a research-based treatment which uses music interventions to meet individualized physical, socioemotional, and psychological needs of hospice patients. Benefits of care extend not just to the patient, but to their caregivers and loved ones as well. Because music therapy addresses many areas of functioning, it is a cost effective way for healthcare providers to offer holistic care and dynamic support for their patients.

Benefits of Music Therapy in Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Reduce pain perception and breakthrough pain

  • Address and alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety

  • Decrease agitation and disorientation

  • Ease stress and complication of ADLs

  • Decrease need for PRN nurse visit

  • Create opportunities for meaningful interactions among patients and family members

  • Provide emotional support for caregivers and families throughout the grieving process

  • Celebrate the lives of patients and their families through life review, legacy projects, and music at memorial services.

Hospice patient holding egg shaker, music therapist holding patient's hand
Services with PlainSong

​Client Care

  • Assessment for treatment needs

  • Individualized treatment plan

  • In-person and/or virtual sessions

  • Scheduled & PRN visit options

  • Symptom management

Legacy Items

  • Heartbeat Recording

  • Playlist Creation

  • Songwriting

  • Song Dedication

Ongoing Care

  • Family supports

  • Personalized music for memorial services

  • Individual and/or group bereavement therapy

Benefits for Hospice Providers

Why should you partner with PlainSong to offer music therapy services to patients and families?​

  • Set yourself apart with a unique, evidence-based therapy.

  • Increase advocacy with individualized patient care and dynamic supports.

  • Maximize your return on investment: music therapy contracts cost significantly less than hiring a full-time music therapist.

  • ​PlainSong provides therapist supervision and liability insurance at no cost to you.

  • Provide supports for patient and family with a therapy suited to address a wide range of goal areas.

  • Fulfill Medicaid requirements with bereavement services following patient death.

Why should you partner with PlainSong to offer music therapy services to patients and families?​​

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