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Music Therapy

PlainSong works with individuals seeking music therapy to grow in non-musical areas of life.  PlainSong works with a variety of populations including special needs, mental health, geriatric dementia, rehabilitation, and many more.  PlainSong accepts the Indiana Medicaid Waiver for people with disabilities (CIH and FSW) as well as private pay. for more information

Music Therapy

Practicum and Internships

PlainSong is excited to offer practicum hours and National Roster Internships to students seeking to fulfill the requirements for undergraduate and equivalency programs for Music Therapy.

PlainSong offers a variety of populations for students to observe and work with, and PlainSong provides continuous support to students throughout their education. for more information


Public Speaking

PlainSong believes in the power of community and education.  Let PlainSong come speak to the power of Music Therapy at your next work event, organizational meeting, or community gathering.  PlainSong has spoken for many organizations including hospitals, non-profits, schools, and career fairs, and will share how music can benefit individuals in your community. for more information


PlainSong Music is currently seeking highly qualified board certified music therapists to be a part of the team.  PlainSong offers competitive pay, full caseloads, therapist support, and opportunities to work with a variety of populations both in home or agency based. 

PlainSong is currently seeking highly qualified music teachers to assist with the demand for private studio lessons. for more information


Studio Lessons

PlainSong Music offers high quality studio lessons in voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele.  PlainSong believes that music development can begin at any age and supports anyone that is seeking to grow as a musician.  PlainSong will personalize each lesson to tailor the desires of the student's musical goals.  Affordable and fun, PlainSong will develop musical skills for proficiency and confidence in chosen areas of study. for more information

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