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Guitar, Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Music Exploration -- There is something for everyone! 


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Music Lessons

Price Options
Monthly Lessons
$85.00every month until canceled
  • PlainSong Music Services Policies, Consent, and Agreements

    The goal of PlainSong Music Services is to provide high quality activities so that individuals receiving  services can perform to their maximum ability. PlainSong promises to promote personal growth for  individuals through goal-oriented activities. PlainSong will work with individuals to determine goals and  appropriate means to reach said goals.  

    As a part of learning, consistency is vital to growth. PlainSong requires communication between  individual and teacher for scheduling lessons as well as canceling lessons. PlainSong requires 24-hour  notice of a cancellation of a lesson and reserves the right to seek payment for a lesson canceled with less  than 24 hour notice. Plainsong also requires individuals seeking a fixed time slot to be present at 75%  of all lessons each month. For example, if a person meets weekly, it would be required that they attend 3  out of 4 lessons a month to keep their time slot.  

    Payment is required to perform services. If payment is not received at the time of a lesson, the teacher  reserves the right to suspend services until payment is made. 

    By completing this order, you are purchasing monthly lessons (once per week for 30 minutes).  You understand that if you miss a lesson, you must work your teacher to make up your lesson or you forfeit your missed lesson payment.  Missed lessons are NOT credited to accounts and can only be made up if you and your teacher can agree to a time. 

    You also understand that lesson subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime, but will not be credited or prorated.  Your lessons are paid through the end of any given month and cancelled on the last day of the month. 

    Lessons must be paid in advance and subscriptions will be paid on the last day of every month in preparation for the following month - example: Lessons paid on 11/31 cover lesson period 12-1 to 12-31. 

    The monthly lesson fee is $85 for weekly lessons.  This will usually be for 4 lessons; however, every once in a while this will cover the 5th lesson of the month dependent upon lesson schedule. 

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